Homelessness Newsletter Snip

We’re all that stands between them and homelessness.

It’s time for an emergency community-wide response in Milwaukee to stave off a social service calamity

A startling article from the Washington Post late last month contains ominous warnings for Milwaukee County’s ongoing supportive housing crisis. The Post report lists nearly 100 people, including 6 in Wisconsin, who were killed or injured due to understaffing at assisted-living facilities.  It’s a cautionary tale that unmasks the frightening dangers of disinvesting in places where residents receive onsite care.

Supportive housing helps people living in poverty obtain vital social services at specialized properties. Residents pay rent of about 30% of their income – which is usually limited to a monthly Social Security or other assistance check – for about $200 per month. The remaining balance is paid through the federal government’s Section 8 housing voucher funds, managed by Milwaukee County. These services include critically needed care for mental health, addiction challenges and physical disabilities. For most residents, the alternative to supportive housing is homelessness.