Erich Schwenker Receives Grand Event 2015 Award

On June 10, 2015, at the Grand Avenue Club’s Grand Event 2015 at the Pfister Hotel, Erich Schwenker on behalf of Cardinal Capital was recognized and awarded for his role in developing affordable, supportive and special needs housing. The Grand Avenue Club offers adults who experience mental illness an array of opportunities throughout the year such as finding employment and housing.

The award reads:

Grand Avenue Club: A Community that Works honors Erich Schwenker for developing affordable housing for so many of our fellow citizens, thereby guaranteeing them a safe and attractive place to call home.

Shelby Manuel, a Grand Avenue Club member and employee, and Jim Mathy, Housing Division Administrator of Milwaukee County presented Erich with the award. Shelby assists other Grand Avenue Club members with finding affordable, supportive, safe and decent housing. He noted the vital role Cardinal Capital plays when members are searching for quality, affordable housing in the Milwaukee area. Jim further expanded on Cardinal Capital’s continued relationship with Milwaukee County’s housing division and Cardinal Capital’s role in providing housing for Milwaukee’s most vulnerable population.