Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful

McKinley Gardens, an affordable housing project managed by Cardinal Capital, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is excited to have the opportunity to offer its community room as an alternate location for Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful’s (KGMB) summer programming.

KGMB shares its mission to promote sustainability through clean, healthy, and beautiful communities for generations to come in the north side community in which McKinley is located and serves as a resource to McKinley’s residents.

During the summer, KGMB offers a four-week, educational program to youth regarding the importance of trees, especially in an urban setting through scientific investigations, arts and crafts, and games. The program primarily takes place at the Milwaukee Teach Responsible Environmental Education House, a 3 acre green space located within walking distance of McKinley.

On cold, rainy days, McKinley welcomes 25 youth in grades 3-6 and the US Forest Service Interns who partner with KGMB to provide educational instruction.