Milwaukee Collaboration to End Homelessness

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015, city and county officials hosted a press conference to announce a collaboration that they say would end chronic homelessness in Milwaukee County over the next three years.

The plan will serve about 300 people and includes construction of a $5.5 million housing development on Milwaukee’s north side where the press conference took place.

Current building

The current building will be demolished and a new 24-unit supportive housing development for very low-income adults who are chronically homeless and suffer from chronic alcoholism will take its place.

Cardinal Capital has partnered with Wisconsin Community Services and Milwaukee County to develop this new supportive housing development. The development will be Milwaukee’s first Housing First project. Consistent with the “Housing First” model, residents are not required to achieve sobriety before or during housing, instead the goal of this model of housing is to reach some of the most vulnerable people in the Milwaukee community where they are at and offer them stable housing and services so they can begin to improve their lives.

New rendering of Thurgood Marshall Apartments

The project is expected to open in July 2016.

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