Veterans Gardens Housing Project

Cardinal Capital and Center for Veterans Issues (CVI) have partnered again to address the housing needs of Veterans in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. CVI reached out to Cardinal’s Construction Team to assist with the $1.5 million rehabilitation of the Veterans Gardens Housing Project. Veterans Gardens consists of 30 units split between four foreclosed apartment buildings scattered along the north west side of Milwaukee. The apartments will provide affordable housing to veteran families.

Before any rehabilitation work can be done, demolition and debris removal at the building must occur. Demolition work can be a costly expense for any project. Therefore, it is with great appreciation that Cardinal Capital and CVI thank the Home Depot staff and friends who volunteered to do some of the demolition work and donated needed equipment. Volunteer work included demolition of kitchens and bathrooms, and debris removal included carpeting and padding, built-in-kitchen cabinets, appliances, bathroom vanities and plumbing fixtures including steel and cast iron tubs.

Home Depot’s volunteer work in this stage of the rehabilitation process will save the project an estimated $20,000 in labor expenses. Not only did Home Depot volunteers get down and dirty, but a large part of the financing for this rehabilitation project has come from The Home Depot Foundation grant.

The rehabilitation’s scope of work for Veterans Gardens includes: roofing, windows, kitchen cabinets, flooring, unit and building entry doors, foundation repairs, boilers, furnaces, water heaters, painting and drywall repair.

The project is expected to open in September 2015. View photos of the housing project and demolition here: Veterans Gardens Housing Project