Angie Miller Promoted to Director of Permanent Supportive Housing

Congratulations to Angie Miller on her well-deserved promotion to Director of Permanent Supportive Housing! Since joining our team in 2015, Angie has consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication and commitment to our community and Cardinal’s mission. Her impressive 23 years of experience working in supportive housing with the homeless population and individuals facing mental health/AODA challenges have equipped her with a wealth of knowledge and compassion that she brings to her new role.

Angie’s outstanding leadership as a property manager for six of our Permanent Supportive Housing buildings over the span of eight years has been instrumental in our success. Now entrusted with overseeing ten Permanent Supportive Housing buildings, we are thrilled to see her continue to make a positive impact and provide guidance to our community.

Furthermore, Angie’s Tax Credit Specialist Certification exemplifies her qualifications and capabilities, ensuring that she is well-prepared for the responsibilities of this position. Here’s to Angie’s continued success as she embarks on this exciting new chapter of her career!