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Cardinal Employees Volunteer at Blue Lotus Center, Hosted by Community Projects for Seniors

Each summer, Community Projects for Seniors hosts several days where senior citizens visit the Blue Lotus Center, a beautiful location that provides accessible outdoor recreational and therapeutic opportunities for individuals facing profound life challenges. This incredible 64-acre day-camp setting offers a caring, accepting, and inspiring environment for people of all ages.

Recently, several members of our dedicated team of Cardinal employees came together for a volunteer day at Blue Lotus, and it was an absolute blast! We had the honor of spending time with senior citizens, brightening their everyday lives and creating cherished memories together. The mission at Community Projects for Seniors is to fight loneliness, reduce social isolation, and build connections within our community, and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in that mission.

At Blue Lotus, the possibilities for enjoyment are endless! From fishing and paddle boating to nature walks and kayaking, there’s something for everyone. Plus, a delicious lunch is provided to keep everyone energized and satisfied.

Throughout the year, with the support of generous donors and volunteers, Community Projects for Seniors delivers free hot meals on holidays, distributes care packages, and hosts various social events. 

They believe that every individual, regardless of their financial means, deserves opportunities for recreation, camaraderie, and joy. By coming together, they make a positive difference in the lives of low-income senior citizens and create a stronger, more connected community.

To learn about ways to get involved with Community Projects for Seniors, visit

Let’s continue to fight loneliness, reduce social isolation, and build a community where everyone feels valued and supported.