Public Trail Expansion Near Estabrook Park

Public Trail Expansion Near Estabrook Park

The River Revitalization Foundation announced the walking trail along the Milwaukee River will be extended from Milwaukee to Glendale, near Estabrook Park, thanks to easements donated by three adjacent commercial property owners.

Cardinal Capital Management Inc., Ascension Wisconsin, and Caddis Health Care, owners of the property in the Estabrook Corporate Park made the easement donation to the foundation.

“The Estabrook Riverfront Trail is a special Milwaukee amenity, easily overlooked, but bringing the same degree of cheer and hope that Milwaukee’s great parks provide,” said Erich Schwenker, president of Cardinal Capital Management.

The easements will allow public access along the west bank of the river from east of North Port Washington Road, south of West Hampton Avenue, downstream to north of East Capitol Drive, east of North Humboldt Boulevard.

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