Employee Photo Philip Rawson

Philip Rawson

Philip is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in finance and accounting. In his role as Vice President of Finance and Accounting, Philip brings extensive knowledge as a controller and in business development and management. His skill set spans a wide range of financial disciplines, including financial management, accounting, cost accounting, manufacturing, budgeting, planning, reconciliations, and financial analysis.

Philip‘s background also includes a strong foundation in human resources and facility management, contributing to his comprehensive understanding of organizational operations. With his keen insight into developing and implementing business plans and programs, he has successfully worked with major organizations to achieve their goals. Philip is well-versed in resource planning and possesses a deep knowledge of GAAP, cost accounting, and internal control structures.

With his proven track record and diverse skill set, Philip continues to make significant contributions in finance and accounting. His ability to navigate complex financial landscapes and implement effective strategies ensures success and growth within our organization.